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With Skyrush and thanks to you, your customers are connected to the best marketing tools.

Earn 20€/month per customer

Remuneration continues from 10 to 20 € / month by affiliation by installing Skyrush at your customers. They can start with the FREE offer and each subscription to a superior offer, you will be paid by monthly transfers to your bank account depending on the package chosen. duration of 36 months by sponsorship


Submit an innovative marketing tool

Your customers can easily design powerful Viral Contest Cards without the need to code. These cards are the best way to generate interest on social networks. Our multiple combinations of actions allow your customers to create a wide variety of campaigns.


Save time without changing your habits

Install Skyrush at your customers and we take care of the rest. 24/7 support will meet your customers' expectations and automation tools will reduce the number of problems that entrepreneurs typically encounter with Marketing Agencies.


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on the long term

A loyal customer is a happy customer of your services. Enable your customers - become Skyrush Affiliates - to retain their communities and thus increase their income through Viral Contest Cards, Advanced Marketing Tools and Daily Rewards


Marketing Agency or Skyrush?

Skyrush has everything you need to achieve your marketing goals: building brand awareness, reaching new audiences, generating high quality leads and online shopping. And all this in an automated way ...

Link to the best audience generation tools Manual & Paid Automatic & Included
Easy integration with Wordpress, Prestashop and many others
Analyze your complete social activity with a powerful dashboard
Posts and Campaign Planner paying Automatic
Live Chat from your free and unrestricted website
Create your content easily and quickly Recruitment of a Community Manager Automatic
Audit & Advice Automatic generation of alerts and tips
System for creating Viral Contest Cards
Customer Support Accessibility Office hours 24h/24 | 7j/7
Average price 540€ /month 99€ /month
Link to the best audience generation tools Easy integration with Wordpress, Prestashop and many others Analyze your complete social activity with a powerful dashboard Posts and Campaign Planner Live Chat from your free and unrestricted website Create your content easily and quickly Audit & Advice Système de création de Contest Cards viral Customer Support Accessibility Average price
Manual & Paid paying Recruitment of a Community Manager Office hours 540€ /month
Automatic & Inclusive Automatic Automatic Automatic generation of alerts and tips 24h/24 | 7j/7 99€ /month

Frequently asked Questions

Should gifts to offer to my participants be expensive?

No, however they must be motivating enough to push your participants up the rankings. Sometimes and depending on the target, a badge may suffice. Some examples of gifts: Discounts on your product, Use of your product for a certain duration, Meet your teams, Paypal or Amazon Shopping Cards. You have no idea? Do not hesitate to contact Skyrush support.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. For a period of 30 days and we are sure that you will forget it by the end of your first month!

On what types of sites can you install Skyrush?

You can install Skyrush on all types of sites.

How to integrate Skyrush to my site?

You will be given a custom snippet for your site, it will be enough for your developer to add it to your html file

Does a Skyrush contest work even if I do not have an audience?

Contest Cards work regardless of the size of your audience.

If you do not have an audience, you just need to be creative in the way you initially "seed" your challenge.

In our blog, we describe in detail how you can create your list of competitions and see viral growth.

Contest Cards are the best way to start advertising on Facebook or other social networks.

By giving gifts, it will be easier for you to hire your early adopters on your site. They will be more likely to understand and adhere to what you do.

Does Skyrush conform to the GDPR?

We allow you to comply with the GDPR when you collect data with your Skyrush forms.

All forms require an unselected checkbox that indicates that users will receive marketing emails. We've added a default section inside each Terms & Conditions for each popup.

To be compliant, you will always need to do the following:

  - When prompted by e-mail, you must completely remove this user's information from all your databases. Skyrush will automatically delete this user's information from our databases. However, you must also do this from your own databases and ESP.

  - You must meet the correct RGPD service requirements in the RGPD Service Terms section of your Skyrush backend. We will have a default template that you will fill in according to your own policies.

How to track the success of my Skyrush campaign?

You will be able to follow all the activity of your Contest Cards on all social networks via a single Dashboard, which is in your Skyrush account.

How to remove the check box on the General Terms and Conditions?

We recently added a checkbox for the terms and conditions of each form on Skyrush.

To disable this check box, you must disable RGPD compliance on the user settings page.

Can I choose gifts for my Skyrush Contest Cards?

Yes, when creating your Contest Card, you will have the possibility to choose one or more gifts according to the order of the participants in the ranking.

Contests are great for growth, but do not you get a lot of bad emails that only ask for your gift?

Not at all, we have a very powerful filtering system to maintain the quality of your prospects at a high level.

During your marketing campaigns, Skyrush will allow you to target your future customers according to several parameters such as interests, location, age or sex.

There are other things you can do to keep your quality high.

For example, suggest specific elements that only your target audience will want.

My Contest Card does not work, how to fix it?

Contact us and our technical teams and we will be happy to assist you with any problem. Here are some possibilities for which this may not work:

  1. The CloudFlare Rocketloader ruins the popup. Please disable it.

  2. You have another plugin that uses the same functionality and therefore creates a conflict. This is usually due to Wordpress sites having too many plugins.

  3. Your site is loading extremely slowly. If you have loaded too much Javascript on your site, the code of the interactive popup will load slowly.

  4. You do not have enough gifts set up. Do not use more than 10 per challenge.

How often can I run contests?

As much as you feel necessary to interact and interact with your community. You can do it several times a month depending on the items you want to communicate with. As a general rule, contests make it easier to engage your community and thus encourage them to grow the number of participants.

Are there topics I can start a contest on?

All topics are good for starting a contest. It's a bit like with our friends, we enjoy maintaining the conivence by launching small or big challenges. The more your community will interact on your contests and the more you will be able to suggest them your products or services.

Can I use competitions as a market study?

Absolutely. Seeing your community interact on questions you ask will show you the ability to position a new service or product. The best way to see if your community is expecting a product or service is to offer it and see the effects.

Use case

How do successful brands use SKYRUSH to grow their business?

Need more customers for your online store?

Gifts are one of the easiest ways to grow your customer base for your online store.

The Official Store has used a viral lottery campaign to dramatically increase its audience.

Ready to launch your product, community or course?

Parisa used Skyrush to launch its new online store Risastones.

Improve team cohesion through internal contests.

Firmenich has set up an adventure game very much appreciated by its teams.

Do you want your current clients to sponsor new ones?

Intermarché used a viral draw campaign to dramatically increase its audience.

You want to engage your fan community on your Instagram page

Galeries Lafayette used a viral draw campaign to dramatically increase its audience.

We, too, love you!

And that is why we present your testimonies with great pride.


Do you feel lost?

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