How to Win an Instagram Giveaway?

Everyone enjoys free things, but many times we believe these contests are a ruse, wouldn’t you agree? We believe that everything is a cunning plan to obtain our information and that we have no hope of ever gaining anything. But that is simply FALSE; it’s not a con; rather, it’s a game, and we are going to help you understand how to win an Instagram giveaway and share 5 hot strategies with you to increase your odds.

1. Follow #GIVEAWAY Hashtag and Enter Lots of Competitions

Follow #GIVEAWAY hashtag and enter lots of competitions

It may seem relatively apparent, but if you’re wondering how to win an Instagram giveaway, the easiest approach to locate giveaways is to follow the hashtag #giveaway. To find the ones that are right for you, remember to look at both the “RECENT” and the “TOP” tabs. Are you particularly interested in clothing? Then follow #clothinggiveaway too, this works for any product, have a little brainstorming and find someone new to follow and join in more giveaways and your chances of winning will blossom.

2. Follow Independent Businesses

We can all agree that Instagram is a great platform for buying, but it could be difficult for companies to become seen. Facebook owns Instagram, and they generate a lot of money through ADS or advertisements that companies pay to have displayed to Facebook and Instagram users.

It is not in Facebook and Instagram’s best interests for this service to develop naturally; instead, they want consumers to pay for it. Therefore, reaching sizable audiences without having a sizable advertising budget might be rather difficult.

Independent businesses frequently lack this funding, but one way they try to reach more customers is to run a giveaway. By asking participants to tag a friend, they are able to contact more potential customers naturally, if you will, and circumvent the algorithm. Because of this, giving away a product is more affordable than purchasing expensive advertisements.

3. Enter Giveaways From Companies That Have Fewer Followers

Numerous people follow some independents in large numbers. Some people have between 200 and 300. Some companies have been established for a while, some publish more frequently, some post more video content, some have received significant support from a renowned person, or perhaps they just have a HUGE family.

The future? However, they are all deserving of your attention and, if you enjoy what they do, your support as they all offer fantastic products and have interesting prizes. Which giveaway do you stand a better chance of winning if you enter, given that one company has 100,000 followers and the other has 500? It’s simple math.

Your odds significantly increase if you look for giveaways from people who have fewer followers. It’s a win-win because you are also assisting their development.

4. Make Sure to Follow The Rules and Requirements

Make sure to follow the rules and requirements

This one seems simple, but think if you hadn’t followed one of them and instead had won the giveaway of your dreams for a collection of goods from several companies. You’re done! There won’t be a lovely package of gifts sent your way. If anything is asked of you, make sure to verify it several times before completing it because if you don’t, you won’t succeed.

5. Give a Little Bit More and Go Above and Beyond

If you’re asked to tag two friends, tag four (you’ve just increased your odds) and six (you’ve increased them threefold); this is what my friend constantly does; she tags a ton of people! A machine selects a winner from a list of comments in most firms’ systems, thus the more comments you leave, the better your chances are.

Remember You Are Double Gifting

Do you know what “double gifting” means? It alludes to the idea that when you purchase a gift from a small business, you are essentially giving two gifts—the first is to your friend, relative, coworker, or whoever else you are buying the gift for, and the second is to the shop owner.

You know, it really does seem like a present. Every time the phone rings with a sale, it’s more than just a sale; it’s a pat on the back, a smile, and a nice glow from knowing that someone enjoyed what I made enough to part with their hard-earned money to buy it. It’s a truly amazing thing.

The phrase also refers to running a contest. The prospect of connecting with more people who “get it,” who value what I do and adore the lovely things I have created, is so thrilling as the entries pour in and the number of followers grows hourly. They are still waving their hand in the air and shouting, “I admire what you do! I’d want to own this!” even if they are not doing a purchase today.

It’s exciting and affirming, and when you participate in giveaways, you have the chance to win as well as give other people the chance to enter by tagging them in your entry. In addition, you give me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside; it’s like a big love fest.

Finally, If You’re Fortunate Enough to Win…

Don’t forget to thank the business and post a picture of yourself with the award on social media. If you have a private account, send them a screen capture instead. As a result, they can shout about our fantastic award a little bit more and get the most publicity possible for their “investment.”