How to Find Out Which Social Media Platform is Best for your Brand

You will need to establish your presence on a variety of social media platforms if you want to effectively broaden your reach and attract the audience you are trying to reach. Sadly, a large number of brands are squandering the majority of their time on ineffective social media platforms.

Engaging with your audience across multiple platforms, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, does not always guarantee that you will get results. While different platforms, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, offer varying benefits, this does not always guarantee that you will get results. Because of this, rather than utilizing a number of different social media platforms, you should give some thought to concentrating on locating the best ones that would complement the specific requirements of your brand.

Different Types Of Social Media Platforms


Every social media platform is unique. Keeping this in mind, you should make it a priority to spend additional time learning about the platforms you’re considering using. The following is a list of well-known social media platforms that you ought to be familiar with:





YouTube is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses that concentrate on the production and sharing of video content or video blogs. This is because video content plays an important part in the world of digital marketing.

Sharing instructional videos, how-to guides, or corporate videos may be appropriate for your company’s brand, depending on the specific market that you serve. You can raise awareness of your brand by creating engaging videos and uploading them to YouTube. Just a friendly reminder that when it comes to videos, quality matters.





When it comes to marketing any kind of brand, it’s one of the most effective and widely used social media platforms there is. Facebook is a dynamic platform that can be used to raise brand awareness because it allows you to target your audience based on their interests, employment, age, and other characteristics.

You need to make sure that you track impressions, clicks, and any other Facebook metrics at both the post level and the page level in order to determine what is successful and what is not.





Twitter is a social media platform that was initially designed for users to share short but succinct thoughts. Its primary use is for keeping up with trending topics. This platform, however, has recently been upgraded so that users can now share photos and videos with one another. Still, the most common type of post on Twitter is a text update made at an inappropriate time.

Users are generally permitted to employ hashtags on Twitter in order to increase the discoverability of terms within the platform. Because of this, the platform is an excellent way to remain current on top news and trending topics, which enables businesses to remain current on the events that are related to them.





This social media platform has the appearance of having been around for a long time, but it can be of great assistance when it comes to networking. Having a LinkedIn account for your company gives you the ability to connect with potential clients and investors who are using the platform. Because of this, it is a good choice if you want to expand the size of your email list. Just make sure that the information or descriptions you provide are always up to date.





Users of this social media platform have the ability to save pins containing photographs taken in a variety of locations around the globe. Images like these can be clickable links that take users to videos, blogs, websites, products, or services.

Pinterest began as a website for women to share ideas pertaining to home decor, wedding planning and fashion, as well as recipes; however, the platform has since expanded to include other areas of interest. Even though it is still used more frequently by women, its popularity among men is gradually growing, particularly among those who enjoy working on do-it-yourself projects.





Instagram is distinguished from other social media platforms available on the market in that it is known for being a platform that places a strong emphasis on visual content by enabling users to post images and short videos.

If you use Instagram to promote your business, you may boost the number of people who follow you in a natural way by using hashtags, sharing stories, and posting high-quality photographs. However, authenticity matters a lot on this platform.

Know your Target Audience



Do you have a good understanding of who your brand is meant to appeal to? If that’s the case, which social media platforms do they spend the majority of their time on, and what kinds of activities do they typically engage in while they’re there?

You should also be aware of the other brands they are engaging with, the things that attract them, and the amount of time they spend on social media platforms. Aside from that, it is wise to check the key demographics, such as the location and gender of the users, in order to gain a better understanding of what each network is used for. For example, checking the location of the users.

When you have a better idea of the people you’re trying to reach, it will be much simpler for you to choose which social media platforms offer the best return on your time, money, and effort investments. This is due to the fact that different groups of people have preferences for various platforms, and as a result, not everyone stays on the same social media networks.

For instance, if you want to market your product to teenagers, you should concentrate your efforts on social media platforms that are popular among that age group. These could include Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.


Think About the Type of Content you Want to Share and Publish



It is crucial for you to select the appropriate social media platforms for your company if you do not have a working knowledge of the content formats that compliment your brand identity and goals. This is due to the fact that different formats are better suited to some platforms than they are to others.

On Facebook, for instance, numerous kinds of content can be posted, but contests, articles, images, and videos tend to do better. Facebook’s algorithm places a higher priority on posts that connect individuals with one another and on those that start significant conversations. In this particular instance, videos have more impact. This particular social media site is an excellent spot to disseminate information regarding webinars and events.

Instagram, on the other hand, places a greater emphasis on visuals because it allows users to upload both still images and moving pictures. At this time, the feature of Instagram known as Stories also provides great opportunity to attract attention to newly released products or new product launches. One of the features that Instagram offers is called IGTV, and it enables users to broadcast live, as well as post longer films.

You are able to communicate with other users on Twitter using messages called tweets. This platform prioritizes real-time data, which is one reason why it is so popular for the dissemination of up-to-date information regarding recent happenings. You should, however, submit text tweets, particularly the ones that incorporate quotations, if you wish to achieve more traction on this network.

You can use popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok to share videos with other people, given their focus on video content. On YouTube, the most popular types of videos are those that provide instructions on how to complete a task, while on Tiktok, the most popular types of content are those that include recipes, memes, life hacks, and educational information.

Pinterest is another option for displaying your visual content that you can employ. This visual search tool is also the greatest option for sharing photos and infographics relating to your brands. You will have the ability to establish a blog board and some lovely pins to go along with your content if you choose this platform. You can broaden your audience by sharing all of your posts on other group boards. This will help you reach more people.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for you to use if you wish to contribute editorial material because it helps create leads and builds authority in your specialized field. Additionally, it is a wonderful social media platform for firms who want to develop a presence in the world of B2B companies (Business to Business).

Define your Social Media Objectives



It is imperative that you first determine your objectives for social media marketing before selecting a social media platform for your company’s brand. You should be aware that there are a variety of benefits and drawbacks associated with social media marketing; hence, in order to achieve the outcomes you seek, you need to have a firm grasp on your goals.

Do you want to increase the amount of engagement you have with your present consumers, develop your following base, and enhance the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing?

You need to do a business assessment before you can establish the goals you want to achieve with social media. To begin, it is necessary to identify the areas of your marketing efforts that require more concentration on your part. Should expanding or constructing your audience be something that you give priority consideration to?

Do you need to increase the number of people visiting your website? The responses to questions like these are extremely important for determining which social media sites are the most suitable for your work. Additionally, the responses can assist you in maximizing the benefits that social media marketing can provide to your brand.

In general, the initial objectives you set for yourself on social media should not be linked to the number of followers or fans you want to acquire. Instead, focus on the channels that will make it easier for you to interact with people who might be interested in what you have to offer.

In today’s world, the number of followers you have is more than simply a vanity indicator, and just because you have a large number of followers does not guarantee that your brand will be successful in a market that is extremely competitive. In point of fact, a large audience base will not translate to actual outcomes for your company; nevertheless, an audience that is highly engaged can make a significant difference in the amount of success that is achieved.

Keep your Brand in Mind



When deciding which social media platforms to use, you should give some thought to your brand for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that certain social media sites are not conducive to certain types of brand personalities. Consequently, you should spend more time thinking about the kind of brand personality you’re seeking to build in order to determine where your brand fits in effectively.

For instance, if your company places a strong emphasis on professional reputation and utilizes a tone of voice that is informed and more serious, the platform most suited to your needs is LinkedIn. YouTube is another platform that might be considered for the production of instructive and helpful video content.

Twitter is the best social media platform for businesses who want to establish an upbeat or witty tone since it allows for greater two-way communication with their target audience. Simply consider what makes the most sense for your company and be aware of the options that are available to meet your requirements.

Final Thoughts


There are some social media platforms that cannot help your brand in any way. Therefore, the most important thing is to pick the appropriate and most effective ones that will work for your brand. Combining the social media channels that are most beneficial to your brand is the best way to create a wider reach and acquire the results you want once you’ve identified those platforms.