Easily Create your Airdrop in Minutes with Skyrush

Cryptocurrency airdrops are one of the most popular marketing strategy for cryptocurrency projects in order to onboard new users in their community and build brand awareness about their project.

In this tutorial article we will be talking about how you can easily create your airdrop with Skyrush.


1. Visit Skyrush’s homepage and click on TRY IT FREE


Once you are on Skyrush’s homepage, click the blue “TRY IT FREE” button.



2. Select New Airdrop


Select “New Airdrop” and click on the green “Continue” button.



3. Add social media you want to promote


Choose the social media platform for hosting your Airdrop. If the social media platform is not on the list, simply click on the “Show more” button.



If you selected Twitter as your hosting social media platform, then you need to enter your project’s Twitter username in order to proceed to the next steep.



4. Select the required tasks


Select which tasks you want to see on your Airdrop campaign and then upload an image for your Airdrop.



5. Add basic project info


Provide basic info for your Airdrop.



6. Enter the reward per task


Set the reward per task. In this example, we give 10 points for each task. Rewards are like points, and will be given to the users to rank them and select a winner at the end of the airdrop.



7. Voilà, your Airdrop is published


Once the reward is set, it is time to finalize your Airdrop by clicking on the green “PUBLISH NOW” button.



Once you click on the green “PUBLISH NOW” button, your Airdrop will be live right away and you will be able to share it to your social media channels or integrate it to your website.