7 Exciting Ideas for YouTube Giveaways that Will Be Loved by your Audience

You will be able to get a large number of people to participate in your next giveaway. Implementing the best idea for a giveaway on YouTube is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal.

In this post, you’ll learn about seven exciting ideas for YouTube giveaways that can assist you in reaching the objectives of your campaign.

You need to be aware of the distinctions that exist between YouTube and the various social media networks if you are currently operating a giveaway on YouTube. To be more specific, YouTube has implemented more stringent rules regarding giveaways.

When considering the possibility of holding giveaways, this does not mean that you should ignore YouTube. However, you are required to abide by the rules in order to keep your channel from being banned.

7 Exciting YouTube Ideas for your Giveaway


Without further ado, let’s get into these seven ideas and how they can bring you closer to accomplishing the goals you have set for your giveaway.


1. Caption this



We may not all be able to be as funny as Chris Rock, but when the mood strikes, any of us can crack a joke. A humorous response from the audience can be elicited through the use of a giveaway caption contest.

You have the choice of using either a still image or a brief video clip as the basis for your “Caption This” competition, in which participants are asked to submit their suggestions for the best possible caption.

You could also look through the comments and choose the one that you believe to be the best caption, or you could let your audience vote by liking different captions.


2. Visit YouTube Channel’s page


Users of YouTube may first watch a few of your videos before deciding whether or not to subscribe to your channel.

In addition to this, a user will learn additional information about your company’s products and services from the page of your YouTube channel. Because of this, driving traffic to your channel can be useful for the development of your company.

You are able to make use of a tool on YouTube that allows you to request a channel visit because a channel visit does not directly impact the metrics of your channel. Because of this, you can use Skyrush to keep track of people who enter this contest idea.

The good news is that some of the people who visit your channel page will watch some of your videos and may even subscribe to your channel. Due to the fact that there were no conditions attached to these subscribers’ subscriptions, it is highly likely that they will interact with your content in the future.

You can configure Skyrush to do this for you by selecting the “Visit” options found in the “Way to Enter a YouTube Giveaway” section.


3. Live session giveaway 



You can boost engagement even further, despite the fact that live sessions can boast of higher engagement due to the fear of missing out on something. It is likely that the majority of your viewers will stay through the entirety of your live session if you hold a giveaway while you are broadcasting it.

You can make the announcement about your giveaway at the beginning of your live session, and it can take place at any point during the session. After some time has passed, you will be able to reveal to viewers how they can participate in the giveaway. In addition, at the conclusion of your live session, you will go through all of the submissions and choose a winner.

This kind of giveaway is going to get people more interested in watching your video. During your live session, if you need to relay important information, this is a useful feature to have.


4. Win an opportunity to feature on channel 


A feature on your YouTube channel is a privilege that your channel’s most devoted viewers will always remember and appreciate.

How exactly will they enter themselves into this giveaway? That is dependant on the behavior that you want them to exhibit. You have the ability to direct them to carry out a particular activity.

You also have the option of requesting that they leave comments on your channel explaining the reasons why they believe they should be featured there. In this scenario, you can choose a winner or determine which reason is the best by looking at the number of likes each entry has received.


5. Hashtag giveaway 



You can use hashtags to raise awareness of your brand on YouTube as well, despite the fact that Twitter and Instagram are where they are most commonly used. You can tell your audience to create a video featuring this hashtag if you are trying to promote a branded hashtag as part of a general brand awareness campaign. This is something that you can do if you are trying to raise general brand awareness.

It goes without saying that you will make use of the same hashtag across all of your social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. After the end date of your giveaway, you will have the option of either selecting a winner based on popularity in terms of views or likes, or judging the video entries according to the instructions you provided.


6. Subscribers milestone giveaway


Every YouTube channel has the goal of increasing the number of subscribers it has. To tell you the truth, in order to accomplish most of your YouTube marketing goals, you need to grow the size of your audience.

Therefore, when you reach a certain number of subscribers, you can hold a giveaway to give something back to one of the subscribers who helped make your accomplishment possible.

You have a lot of options available to you for this kind of giveaway. For instance, you can instruct subscribers to leave comments about the video that is their favorite or about what they have learned as a result of becoming a subscriber.


7. Answer a question related to current video



Most of the time, viewers only watch a portion of a video rather than the entire thing from beginning to end. In this scenario, they risk missing out on information that is contained in your video.

Having said that, you can significantly cut down on this problem by using this kind of giveaway. You can make an announcement about the giveaway at the beginning of your video and mention that the question will be based on the content of the currently playing video.

This giveaway is helpful if you plan to impart important information upon your audience through the medium of a video.



Finding the best idea for a giveaway on YouTube is dependent on a number of factors, most notably the purpose of the giveaway. Having said that, you need to give careful consideration to the idea of the giveaway that you ultimately choose.

After all, in addition to receiving a gift from you, participants want to enjoy themselves while they are taking part. Because, sadly, there will only be one person walking away with the gift.