20 Easy Contest Ideas That Will Boost Your Business

Running a contest is a great approach to increase brand recognition and provide quality leads for your company. However, coming up with contest concepts that will interest your audience isn’t always simple.

To help you get started right away, we’ll provide some of our favorite easy contest ideas in this article.

How to Create a Simple Contest

There are numerous ways to launch a giveaway competition for your company. You can hold a giveaway on a giveaway website, through social media, or through your company website.

One of the greatest methods is to host your giveaway on your website, as you can use giveaway tools to simplify the process.

The best giveaway tools, for instance, are provided by Skyrush. It enables you to easily create any giveaway contest from your WordPress website.

You can begin with a template for a giveaway, add your prize information and entry options, and then embed your offer on a landing page without any other distractions.

Here are the top 20 giveaway ideas for your project or company:

1. Surprise Random Followers

Picking one of your followers and surprising them with a free gift is one of the simplest and easiest contest ideas. This completely unexpected action demonstrates to your audience how much you cherish their support.

This could become a regular, monthly offer where anyone who signs up is automatically included into the drawing for the prize. In this manner, they can participate with little effort.

With Skyrush, you can embed the giveaway widget directly inside your WordPress website and easily manage your one-time or monthly giveaways. Then, all that’s left to do is encourage folks to sign up and enter by sharing the URL of the giveaway page.

2. Comment to Win

Running a comment contest and selecting a winner at random from all commenters is another straightforward contest concept.

You can use Skyrush to host a “Comment to Win” type of giveaway in a simpler way, this is still a fantastic approach to increase social media interaction on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc.

This strategy makes it simpler to determine who successfully entered your contest and select a winner. This is due to the fact that Skyrush logs giveaway entries.

3. Simple Photo Contest

A wonderful method to get user-generated content is using this straightforward contest idea. Simply invite your community to take a photo showcasing your good or service and encourage them to share it.

To ensure fairness, you can either select the winning image at random or based on which photo is the best. This kind of competition is a great opportunity to interact with your current clientele while introducing your company to new prospects.

This kind of photo contest is really simple to run thanks to Skyrush’s simple giveaway action.

4. Photo Voting Contest

By having your fans choose the winner, you may increase the fun of your photo contests. It operates in two phases:

Run a straightforward photo contest first, as we mentioned above, to get a shortlist of winners.

After everyone has shared their images, you can then organize a second contest and invite participants to choose the winner.

The “Polls and Surveys” activity on Skyrush can be useful in this situation.

Just post a grid of the selected photos and invite users to vote for their favorite. Then they can use the giveaway widget to submit their choice.

While you may choose a random winner for a smaller award for each voter, the photo contest winner might get your big prize.

5. Short Video Contest

Running a quick video contest can dramatically increase your engagement because video generates a lot more attention on social media than photographs do. Additionally, it’s a great technique to get YouTube subscribers and likes. You can ask individuals to record a brief product review, a recommendation, or even a humorous home video for a chance to win.

Then they can put the URL to their videos in your giveaway widget after uploading them to a video hosting website like YouTube or even Facebook Live.

6. Check-in to Win Contests

If your company has a physical location, you can run an online promotion where participants must check in on Facebook to be entered to win.

This is a fantastic approach to increase the number of new people who can see your Facebook page and interact with your current fans.

To validate their entry, you can request that participants take a screenshot of their check-in post and upload it to your website using the Submit an Image action.

7. Product Customization Contest

Do you provide any products that are simple to alter and personalize? If so, why not hold a competition for customization? Utilizing your giveaway app, request fan customization or personalization of your goods.

Then, you may provide a prize for the most inventive or innovative suggestion, or you can ask your followers to vote for their favorite.

8. Simple Trivia Contest

Any company can develop a contest like this straightforward one.

Run a trivia contest in which the right response prevails. Using the random winner generator provided by Skyrush, you can select a winner at random from among all eligible entries if more than one person has the correct response.

However, be careful that the solution isn’t too simple; if it is, anyone can quickly find it on Google. To retain people’s attention on your brand, you need also make sure the query is relevant to your industry.

9. Guessing Game Contest

A contest where participants must guess the solution in order to win is comparable to the above giveaway. This is a terrific approach to put your fans’ critical thinking skills to the test while also giving them something entertaining to do.

For instance, you might put a lot of jelly beans in a huge jar, snap some pictures of it from various perspectives, and ask visitors to estimate how many are there.

The winner who made the accurate guess might take home the entire jar.

Maintain your brand’s relevance while playing the guessing game. For instance, if you run a cosmetics company, you might put individual eye shadows in a jar. You may also use golf balls if you’re a sports brand.

10. Product Suggestion Contest

Want to expand your product line? Why not let your customers choose what you produce next?

Launch a contest in which you invite consumers to suggest things you should sell. The winning suggestion will receive a prize. You might even give the winner the particular item they choose.

Have participants design the product themselves and submit the image to enter your contest if you want them to use their imagination.

11. Fun Caption Contest

A caption contest is a straightforward contest concept that is nearly always sure to make your followers chuckle.

In caption competitions, you show a picture to your audience and ask them to come up with a caption. The winning caption will then receive your big prize.

12. Easy Fill in the Blank Contest

Another easy competition that anybody may enter for a chance to win is presented below. A short sentence or phrase with a word missing is a fill-in-the-blank challenge. To finish the statement, users must determine what word it is.

Skyrush makes it quite simple to create this kind of competition.

Simply add a picture of your word that says “blank” to the prize image section of your giveaway. Ask users what their caption is by using the “Answer a Question” action.

13. Do it Yourself (DIY) Contest

If customers can use your items in DIY projects, this straightforward contest idea is guaranteed to spark some creativity. It’s also a fantastic method to get folks to show off what they’ve learnt from your webinars or online courses.

Simply request that participants upload a photo of their finished DIY creation to be entered to win. A substantial gift card for your shop or supplies for their next projects could be the reward.

By inviting participants to record their DIY as a guide, you may even make this kind of contest something that requires more work. The winning entry can then be highlighted on your website and promoted on social media.

14. Refer a Friend Contest

Refer-a-friend competitions are an excellent technique to promote word-of-mouth advertising for your company. To enter for the grand prize, you have to tag or mention a friend in the comment section of the giveaway.

This way, more people will see your giveaway and enter it as more people participate. This can greatly expand the audience for your contest and draw more customers to your company.

15. Multi-platform Social Media Contest

Hosting your giveaway on your website and spreading the word about it on various social media networks are additional ways to reach your target audience.

Participants in such social media competitions can then take the following actions:

  • Visit Facebook page.
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Follow on Pinterest
  • Watching a video on YouTube
  • Post a message on LinkedIn
  • and more.

As a result, you may increase the number of people who follow you on social media across many networks while also generating traffic for your company website.

16. Logo Redesign Contest

Want to update the logo for your company? Then include your audience by asking them to create a fresh logo for a chance to win a prize.

Through your contest widget, participants can upload their designs, making it simpler for you to select a winner. You can ask them to spread the word about the giveaway on social media to get more giveaway entries.

The top prize, if you’d want, might be the winning logo being used on your website and other online properties.

17. Seasonal Holiday Contest

To build anticipation for holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Black Friday, many brands run seasonal competitions. People are typically searching for amazing deals at this time of year, so a giveaway is a perfect way to satisfy that itch.

Your contest’s format will depend on the time of year. You can organize the following holiday-themed contests for your brand:

  • Contest for the best-dressed Christmas tree
  • Contest for Easter bonnets
  • Contest for summer recipes
  • Costume contest for Halloween

All of these straightforward contest concepts are possible with Skyrush. Simply request that participants post their images via your giveaway widget. Nevertheless, make sure the giveaway prize you provide is worthwhile.

18. Selfie Contest

One of the finest ways to advertise your brand on Instagram and other photo-based social networks is to have a selfie contest. For a chance to win a reward, they demand that participants take a selfie and post it.

People would typically post the selfie in their Instagram stories or other social media posts. But it is frequently disorganized and unclear.

Instead, run your selfie competition on your WordPress website and ask participants to upload their selfies directly there. Instead of searching through social media for the photos, you can view them all in one location this way.

On social media, you may still easily promote your contest. Simply share the link to your giveaway landing page with your audience after publishing your contest there.

19. Blog Post Writing Contest

Why not hold a blog post writing competition if you want more people to talk about your company online? To enter, participants must create a blog post regarding the entry topic and publish it on their websites.

With Skyrush, it’s simple to adopt this great strategy for businesses wishing to advertise their affiliate program.

Simply specify what you want users to write by using the “Write a Blog Post” action. Then, to qualify, you can ask them to post a link to their recently posted blog entry.

20. Sports Event Contest

Is the Super Bowl or the Olympics, or another major sporting event, approaching soon? If so, you can use the occasion to host a giveaway competition with a sports theme.

You can request that they:

  • Decide who will win the contest.
  • Which team do you think will score first?
  • Who do you think will win the most gold medals?
  • And a lot more

Following the event, you can pick a winner at random from all the accurate predictions, and the winners will be shown inside your giveaway widget.

We sincerely hope that this article has given you some easy contest ideas to motivate your subsequent gift and advertise your company.