Boost and Secure your NFT Giveaway

NFT giveaways have received a lot of attention as the crypto-based art and collectible boom continues. NFT gifts are similar to crypto airdrop and are used in blockchain projects to increase user engagement and raise project awareness.

Project developers offer free NFTs for crypto wallets that meet certain criteria. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at NFT giveaways. Before we dive into the details, we would like to briefly explain NFTs.

What does NFT mean?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. Substitutable items are those that can replace another item of the same classification/description with a 1: 1 ratio. Blockchain is a digital public record that enables the substitutability and compatibility of cryptocurrencies.

What does NFT mean?

Non-fungible tokens are the basic concept behind cryptocurrencies. NFTs are created using the blockchain to create crypto tokens. NFTs can also refer to real objects such as works of art and real estate. Converting a physical asset to digital frames the process and eliminates the intermediaries.

Representing digital and physical artwork on the blockchain, NFTs eliminates the need for agents and allow artists to communicate directly. You can also improve your business processes.

What are NFT Giveaways?

Project owners often distribute tokens for free to encourage new NFTs. These are called NFT gifts (or airdrops). Freebies are a way to recognize newly created NFTs by allowing participants to deposit their tokens in their wallets.

NFT giveaways improve token visibility and community adoption. Cryptocurrencies are also a way to motivate new users to join the platform. In the long run, this is a mutually beneficial situation. It’s basically a mutually beneficial situation.

Many NFT projects offer free NFT gifts via social media platforms to promote their collections. This will allow the project to quickly build a community of NFT collectors, which may earn free NFTs in the future.

How Skyrush Prevents the Fake NFT Giveaways?

There is an ongoing issue with the current NFT giveaways. Most of the time the NFT giveaways are fake and can be used to gain followers. To make matters worse, scammers are active in the field of cryptocurrencies. They often offer free NFTs. You must exercise absolute discretion when earning NFT income online, especially when considering free NFTs.

How Skyrush Prevents the Fake NFT Giveaways?

That’s why Skyrush built the NFT escrow on the blockchain technology which is fully decentralized and it protects users from fake NFT Giveaways and only enables the winner(s) to withdraw their NFT reward.

With blockchain technology, we can know exactly who completed the social media tasks and became eligible for a random draw without the project owner having to worry about drawing eligible users for his NFT giveaways.

Project owners can simply connect on Skyrush through a web3 wallet and immediately start building their NFT giveaway from our launcher where they have the possibility to analyze and promote NFT Giveaways

How to Promote your NFT Giveaway with Skyrush?

How to Boost your NFT Giveaway with Skyrush?

Skyrush offers a lot of social media tasks where you can use Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, and many more social media platforms in order to build up your social media tasks which will be beneficial for improving your brand awareness and increasing your community.

With Skyrush you can target any social media platform and promote your NFT giveaways, for example, you can use our YouTube channel task in order to bring more subscribers to your channel or you can simply put an email onboarding task in order to grow your Newsletter list and be independent of social media platforms.

Twitter Giveaway

A Twitter project that regularly announces giveaways will help you get an NFT. You can find the project account displayed by searching for hashtags and terms related to NFTs.

To win a free gift, you need to follow the project’s Twitter account. You can also ask your friends to tag. They hope this will tag others and initiate a chain reaction of accounts to make their project more viral and popular.

Discord Giveaway

Like Twitter, Discord projects often provide NFTs to the Discord community. They are offering NFTs from other projects to show their support to the community. There is a huge difference between Twitter giveaways and Discord giveaways.

It takes time and effort to find them. It can be difficult to catch up with multiple discords. Everyone works on their own schedule, so it’s easy to miss updates. This strategy is important, so when monitoring your community, make sure it’s as organized as possible.

Discord giveaways may limit participants to those who already have one of the NFTs, so you may need to be careful. You must first buy-in to qualify.

Play-To-Earn NFT Giveaways

Playing top play to win NFT games is one of the best ways to win NFT. These games are generally designed to facilitate NFT trading and NFT adoption. Some games require a deposit before players can start earning NFTs, but there are still some free NFT games worth checking out. Informal programs like Game Guilds and Axie Infinity Scholarship allow potential gamers to rent NFTs to play their favorite games and earn new NFTs.

Final Thoughts

NFT giveaways are a proven marketing strategy used by large blockchain projects to promote their projects. These decentralized applications are rewarded for early adoption. Those who have been patiently waiting have seen the rewards of their investment.

Promotional products increase brand awareness and increase brand awareness. Freebies can also be used to increase marketing subscriptions on the NFT Marketplace. After creating an account, you can claim that you have specified a specific NFT. Freebies attract new users and help promote the platform.