Where to Find Beautiful Background Images for Your Skyrush Giveaways

Images are the most important thing in every campaign because they attract users and keep them engaged with the campaign. In this article we gonna mention the best websites that offer free stock images for commercial use.


1. Unsplash



By a significant margin, the most popular service is Unsplash. Unsplash is a community of some of the top photographers in the world who have agreed to make their work royalty-free and accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

Unsplash updates its image archive with 10 new pictures once every ten days. This website offers visitors something that is quite unique in comparison to some of these other possibilities, specifically a greater number of images that are unaltered in any way. You won’t discover any of the stereotypically corny stock photos that are so commonplace on the internet among their images. You can search for images by utilizing the website’s search bar, the website’s many collections, or even the website’s most recent additions.

In addition to giving users the option to download amazing and unique images, Unsplash allows every image that is published to the website to be freely copied, modified, disseminated, and used in any context without the requirement for permission or attribution.


2. Pixabay



A significant number of high-quality images can be found in the Pixabay online archive, which can be accessed through a web browser. The website offers customers access to more than 780,000 free photographs; despite this, navigating the website won’t provide any difficulties for the users. Explore their collection of photography, which includes pictures of people, animals, and a wide variety of other subjects, such as landscapes of cities and natural surroundings.

Within the primary search field, you have the option to further refine your search by specifying parameters such as the orientation, color, and minimum dimensions of the item you are looking for. When you go to download the images that you want, you will also have the opportunity to choose your image based on the size needs that you have. This option will be presented to you when you go to download the photographs that you want.


3. Pexels



You can use the free stock photos that are provided to you by Pexels in any manner that you see fit. Pexels is a website that provides users with free access to a variety of stock photographs. Every photograph can be used for commercial purposes without having to make a payment or provide credit to the photographer. By viewing the collection on our website, you have the option of putting any of these stock photos to use for your business. One of the many helpful services that they give is a scoreboard page, which allows you to see which users have the most views of their photographs. This is just one of the many beneficial things that they offer.

You have the choice to search not only by the leaderboard, but also by color, collections, and other criteria in addition to having the ability to search for something using the leaderboard. It is strongly suggested that you investigate the possibility of going to this website.


4. Canva



Canva provides users with access to a vast library of high-quality pictures and images that can be incorporated into their regular creative endeavors. Choose from millions of high-quality stock pictures, both free and paid, that have been curated specifically for you. This website features a big number of images that have been sorted into a variety of categories that collectively cover almost every topic that can be thought of. You have access to millions of high-quality pictures, which enables you to create designs that are truly breathtaking.

Canva now offers a paid edition of its stock photography, known as Canva Premium, that gives customers access to an even bigger quantity of high-quality images.


5. StockSnap.io



The company StockSnap.io takes a great deal of satisfaction in the fact that it is “not your usual horrible stock photo site,” and we couldn’t agree with that statement more if we tried. Utilizing this website, you will have access to a diverse selection of articles and pictures to go at.

There are a multitude of additional options open to you, some of which include companies, individuals, office spaces, fashion, landscapes, animals, and a great deal of other things. In point of fact, the availability of a wide variety of things, each of which offers such a high level of attraction and adaptability, makes it almost too easy to “fall down the rabbit hole.”