Twitter NFT Giveaways: Is it Worth it?

A NFT giveaway, like a crypto-airdrop, is used by blockchain projects to increase user engagement. The project’s developers provide free NFTs to crypto wallets that meet certain criteria. In most cases, these giveaways occur prior to the project’s official launch.

In other words, an NFT giveaway is an activity in which NFT creators give away their NFTs for free to random people or followers in order to promote their work.

How to Get a Twitter NFT for Free?

If you’re wondering how to get free NFTs on Twitter, know that you have several options. The first approach is to participate in NFT Play to Earn games. These games are designed specifically to encourage NFT trading. In this case, the non-fungible tokens have real game utility.

Or you can also get free NFTs by completing some easy social media tasks such as Follow on Twitter, Retweet, Like, Tag Friends or Comment on a Tweet. There are many ways of participating in a Twitter NFT Giveaway, some projects may ask you to sign up on their website or subscribe on their Newsletter in order to become eligible for the NFT reward.

The NFT market is full of opportunities, but you must know how to capitalize on them.

Types of NFT Giveaways

As NFTs are gaining huge momentum in the cryptocurrency world, there are more and more projects launching NFT Giveaways on different blockchain networks and social media platforms, here are some of the most popular social media platforms for launching an NFT Giveaway.

Twitter Giveaways

Some companies organize NFT giveaways on Twitter, allowing you to obtain free NFTs. You can find them by searching for hashtags that include the word “NFT.” In general, these will direct you to current and upcoming nft giveaways. Most often, participants will be required to comment, share, or otherwise participate in the project’s promotion.

Although these NFTs are free, they have the potential to grow in value over time. Remember the CryptoPunks project’s humble beginnings: it is now the most valuable NFT collection on the market. Nonetheless, in 2017, these NFTs were made available for free to anyone with an ETH wallet. These NFTs’ success has largely been due to word of mouth and the dedication of their community.

Discord Giveaways

More projects distribute free non-fungible tokens to their members. To take advantage of it, however, you must create an original introductory text. Rewards can also be earned by actively participating in communities. Indeed, the projects provide these incentives in order to attract new users and retain existing ones.

These projects thrive on user interaction because users are the ones who drive product sales and distribution. Of course, this improves the project’s reputation and raises the value of their native tokens.

Telegram Giveaways

Now that Discord is getting more and more cryptocurrency projects onboard, Telegram is no longer leading the way, but there are still many projects that launch an NFT Giveaway on Telegram.

In order to participate in their giveaway, participants need to join their Telegram Group or Telegram Channel, in some cases they are asked to provide a short sentence when they join their Telegram Group or Channel in order to spike the activity and start a discussion with the newly onboarded members.

Are Twitter NFT Giveaways Worth it?

NFTs, like stocks, bonds, gold coins, or physical artwork, have become a safe haven for investors hoping for a price increase. CryptoPunks, a collection of 10,000 pixelated cartoon images, is one of the get-rich-quick fantasy stories. They were originally given away for free, but their resale value skyrocketed, with the top one fetching $23.7 million in March.

We can conclude that NFTs are still worth it and in this case you are getting them for free, well not actually free since you are trading your time for an NFT art, but still it can be highly rewarding if you win a valuable NFT reward and over time its price may skyrocket and make you rich.

So, in general, we would advise you to participate in airdrops and free NFT Giveaways from well-known founders to ensure that they will succeed in the long run.