Top 5 Facebook Giveaway Ideas

Are you seeking for effective Facebook giveaway concepts to promote the growth of your company page?

Organizing a contest is a terrific way to increase the number of likes, email subscribers, and leads for your company. But coming up with unique contest concepts to interest your audience is difficult.

The best Facebook contest ideas for small businesses are shared in this article to help you wow your customers and build your brand.

How Do I Launch a Giveaway on Facebook?

It could seem challenging to run a Facebook contest or giveaway. However, business owners will discover it useful to increase traffic and revenue for their good or service if they have the correct giveaway tools.

Most businesses use the simplest strategy, encouraging followers to like and share contest entries on Facebook. This, however, isn’t always the ideal strategy and can present a challenge for abiding with Facebook policies.

According to Facebook’s contest guidelines, likes, shares, and friend tags cannot be exchanged for entry into a contest. You must come up with alternative means for contestants to enter because this should only be optional at most.

A contest tool like Skyrush is the best method to run a giveaway on Facebook. They contain features designed specifically to make running competitions easier.

1. Answer a Trivia Question

Asking members of your community to take part in a trivia contest will allow you to check their product knowledge. This type of contest is an excellent inspiration for Facebook game giveaways.

You can ask participants to respond to a question about your product in order to enter. Get them to respond to various questions for additional entries if you want to test their knowledge even more.

Running a trivia competition on Facebook has a lot of advantages, including:

  • Test the knowledge of your products among fans
  • Determine which areas require extra product details
  • Find the best fans to choose as brand ambassadors
  • And of course, you should also use referrals to increase your Facebook fan base.

Even better, a well-known Facebook offer might increase your organic reach.

2. Subscribe to a Newsletter to Enter

Did you know that you can expand your email list by holding contests on Facebook?

Having this entry method can improve the number of individuals who subscribe to your newsletter, even though it may not appear clear.

Additionally, once they are on your list, you have access to their inbox directly and can send them updates and offers in the future.

This one is pretty easy. Skyrush’s Join Newsletter action lets you make it a requirement for people to sign up to your list in return for an entry. Once your giveaway ends, you will be able to choose a random winner from the newly subscribed users.

3. Post a Photo Using the Product

We’re now moving into user-generated content (UGC), where you use the content of your fans to promote your good or service.

You can ask your Facebook fans to share a photo of them utilizing your product in this clever Facebook giveaway idea. Even better, make it a contest with a series of brief videos.

It informs potential consumers about the various applications for your items and provides you with a ton of marketing collateral you can use in the future (with the owner’s permission).

4. Caption a Photo Contest

A really inventive method to engage followers in your giveaway is through photo captions. Additionally, it’s a fun approach to start a discussion about your good or service.

A photo caption competition aims to get participants to come up with a funny or odd sentence to go with the picture.

For this kind of contest, you can utilize the Leave a Comment action in the Skyrush’s giveaway builder to make it simple for participants to add their captions.

Then you can choose a winner using the caption with the most creative entry or the random winning generator.

5. Vote for the Best Product

One of the best Facebook contest strategies to increase the sales of new products is this one. And it can generate lots of contest shares and entries if you pair it with a discount code for the lucky winner.

In order to effectively market your products in the future, it reveals which ones are most well-liked by your audience.

The Polls and Surveys action in Skyrush is the simplest way to execute a voting giveaway. Make sure each option is clearly labeled with a picture so that people can choose the best one.


In this article, we’ve covered over the top 5 Facebook giveaway ideas proven to generate huge results for your business.

So what are you waiting for?