Skyrush’s Wild and Wacky Amazon Giveaways Guide for 2023

Get ready for a mind-blowing adventure as we dive into the wild world of Amazon Giveaways! In this zany post, we’ll equip you with all the knowledge you need to create, run, and promote the craziest Amazon Giveaways ever!

What Happened to Amazon Giveaways?

In a shocking turn of events, Amazon Giveaways vanished into thin air, leaving sellers perplexed and yearning for more. The announcement of its retirement on October 17th, 2019 sent shockwaves through the e-commerce universe.



Can the Adventure Continue? Absolutely!

Don’t despair, brave souls! While the retirement of Amazon Giveaways may have dealt a temporary blow to your promotional strategy, fear not, for Skyrush is here to mend your broken heart and fill that Amazon Giveaway-shaped void!

With Skyrush, you can effortlessly create mind-boggling giveaways where you shower lucky winners with prizes from your Amazon store. But that’s not all! Participants can earn chances to win by embarking on exhilarating quests, such as visiting your online store, joining your email tribe, spreading the word to friends, and even engaging in epic battles on social media. Prepare for a promotional adventure like no other, where the actions that matter to you are amplified, your store shines brighter than ever, and sales skyrocket to unimaginable heights.


Running Amazon Giveaways With Skyrush

With Skyrush by your side, you’ll embark on action-packed giveaways that challenge users to complete heroic entry actions. The more actions they perform, the greater their chances of victory!

Imagine the possibilities! Not only can you entice participants with bewitching newsletter sign-ups, mesmerizing visits to your Amazon store, and captivating product videos, but you can also summon their inner critics with requests for enchanting reviews. Let them journey through the realms of Twitter, where they follow, tweet, and retweet with magical prowess. Delight in their pilgrimage to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as they explore your profiles and leave a trace of their footsteps. And why stop there? Unleash the power of peer-to-peer referrals and watch as they spread the word far and wide. Let them become the heroes of your contest by answering questions, providing feedback, and even unleashing their creativity through mind-blowing photo contests.

But wait, there’s more! By requiring entrants to sign into your giveaway with their Amazon accounts, you can ensure that every participant is a high-value lead with the potential to become an esteemed customer of the mighty Amazon.


Where Can You Run Skyrush Giveaways?

While Amazon Giveaway campaigns were confined to the Amazon Giveaways page, Skyrush takes your adventures to extraordinary new heights. Embed your giveaway widget on your own website, transforming it into a portal of excitement and anticipation. Or choose the path of our stylish hosted landing pages, where your giveaway will captivate visitors with its allure.

With Skyrush, the possibilities are endless. Let the thrilling journey begin!