Different Types of Giveaways

There are various sorts of internet contests that you can launch in order to bring more users to your project and build a brand awareness additionally.

For example you can run a simple drawings, quizzes, quick win giveaways, design contests, challenges, and point games.

Different Types of Giveaways and How Do you Choose What to Use?

Random Draw

For example, the Skyrush’s Random Draw Giveaway is based on a simple registration of the user to a social media giveaway such as Twitter, Discord, Facebook, etc., where the user in order to enter the draw he must complete some tasks to compete for the prizes.

This is considered to be a very popular and effective marketing operation that involves little technical and graphic production, but on Skyrush, you can create giveaways within few clicks only, without any need for technical knowledge. This random draw is the easiest giveaway to launch. In the end, all that is needed to select the winner is to click on the “Random Draw” button where our system will randomly select a winner and you will be able to announce it on your social media channels or email.

Nonetheless, it is critical to restrict participation by, for example, prohibiting repeated registrations (some people register several times and under several different names). That’s why our Random Draw Giveaway tools are designed to prevent duplicate entries and verify data of each users where you can run a smooth and fair giveaway for your project.

The Quiz

An online quiz, often known as a survey, allows Internet users to answer one or more questions in order to win prizes. The organizer of the game determines the number of questions and the format of the answers (multiple choice, free answer, etc.).

The participant is expected to answer the numerous questions presented after in the Quiz form. These are frequently related to the items or services offered by the contest organizer. Thus, the latter guarantees that the participants have read them and comprehended their utility or operation.

The responses with correct answers are eligible for the reward, this is where Skyrush steps in and validates each answers and extract the valid ones from the invalid ones, finally, a clean file with eligible users is delivered to the Quiz organizer to begin with the reward distribution. To make it even more easier for the Quiz organizer, Skyrush is also offering a mass reward distribution through our smart contract.

If you are interested in launching your Quiz on Skyrush, please send us an email along with your project and Quiz info.

Instant Winning

An instant win contest is also a popular type of giveaway. Following a game-required action, the participant immediately learns if he has won. This can be as basic as registering, but it can also be as simple as participating in a scratch game, puzzle, or other such activity.

Some winning moments provide daily chances, which has the impact of fostering devotion among Internet users who return every day to try their luck and who remember what the organizer desires: the brand, a product, the existence of a website, and so on.

The Creative Contest

Photos, videos, recipes, poems, slogans… are various methods to tap into Internet users’ creativity. This form of competition is generally organized by websites that are relevant to the request or the product of the creation: recipe sites, photo equipment sales, and so on. It’s a good approach to target a certain demographic, such as foodies or photographers.

As a result, participation rates are often lower than in other sorts of games, but the visitors targeted are more responsive. As a result, the audience is of high caliber. A creativity contest can be used to animate and revitalize a website by integrating both creators and visitors. The winners are usually determined by the votes of Internet users and/or a jury.

The Challenge or Point Game

If the organizer wants to take it a step further and create a one-of-a-kind and user-friendly tournament, this is a good option. Here are a few instances of what is being done:

  • Locating a mascot concealed in the website’s pages,
  • Arcade game,
  • Memory,
  • Reflection,
  • or Logic.

This type of operation, like the design competition, necessitates a plethora of technical features, including anti-cheat measures.

It is possible to combine game types and build a contest that combines, for example, a draw with winners online.

Why Do you Need to Run an Giveaway?

Organizing a giveaway allows you to achieve numerous goals, like increasing your brand awareness, discovering new products quickly and efficiently, improving your notoriety, increasing traffic to your site, and generating revenue. Almost all of them are discussed on our blog, which examines the motivations for developing and operating an online contest.

Create and arrange various contests using our program.

You can establish and organize your contest, regardless of its form or medium, using our API which works on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Discord for example and you can also implement it on your website.

Once you launch a giveaway on Skyrush, all the data about users will be automatically available to you, so you will have full access on tracking your giveaway stats, players, points, etc.