The Best Social Media Contest Platforms Compared (2022)

What Should you Consider When Choosing Social Media Contest Platforms?

The quickest approach to increase your leads and conversions is with a well-done giveaway competition on so many ways and social media channels, for example, on Skyrush you can run so many types of contests such as Random Draw, Twitter Giveaway, YouTube Giveaway, NFT Giveaways, NFT Drops, Airdrops and many more. And a key factor in your success is using the appropriate tools to:

  • As quickly as you can, create campaigns that appear professional
  • Choose contest winners swiftly and fairly
  • Organize competitions to collect user-generated material
  • User location targeting
  • Gamify competitions for maximum virality.

There are different types of giveaways, therefore, we can assist you in selecting the ideal app for your company after thoroughly evaluating and contrasting the top social media giveaway tools available.


We’ll go into more depth about the top 3 platforms for giveaways so you can decide which app is best for you. Here is a list of our top 3 suggestions if you don’t have time to read our review of each particular giveaway platform:

  • Skyrush – The overall best giveaway platforms that offers Web3 user experience when launching your giveaway on Twitter, Discord or other social media channels.
  • SweepWidget – Super cool app for launching a simple giveaway for your company, without any Web3 services.
  • Gleam – Similar to SweepWidget app, Gleam is a fancy and popular giveaway app that can help you create a simple contest with few clicks.

Benefits of Running a Social Media Contest

Whatever the size of your company, contests and giveaways are both great ways to promote your brand. Consumers enjoy getting things for free, regardless of how large or tiny the prize is, and if the reward is worthwhile, they will work harder to earn it. So, if you’re debating whether to hold a contest or giveaway, think about it for the following reasons:

  • It can bring you new clients
  • It provides interesting content
  • It can encourage social media sharing
  • Gains you data

1. Skyrush

Skyrush social media contest platform

Skyrush is a one-stop social media contest platform that you can use for quizzes to test knowledge and viral competitions or random draws to attract qualified leads. Build with lightning speed and monitor outcomes immediately without any cost, forever free!

You will be able to list your favorite giveaways, quizzes, contests and much more with a simple email/social login or use the advanced Web3 login method and connect your MetaMask wallet address to start building your giveaways.

What services does Skyrush offer?

Skyrush offers dozens of free social media contest tools available on multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, etc. that will help your brand or project to get brand awareness and help you increase your community.

Some of the free features on Skyrush:

List Airdrop (regular, exclusive or vampire attack airdrop)

One of the most popular way to onboard new users to your project is by doing an airdrop. With Skyrush you will be able to launch a regular or exclusive airdrop, or launch a targeted vampire attack airdrop and target specific stakers or liquidity miners in order to increase your liquidity pool’s TVL (Total Value Locked) which will stabilize your liquidity pool and eliminate token price volatility.

NFT Drop

Use the current NFT hype to reward random users or to reward your community members with a simple NFT Drop giveaway.

This type of giveaways are crucial for your NFT project, once you start dropping free NFTs to targeted cryptocurrency users, you will get new people on your project as they were be interested to find out more about their dropped NFT in their wallet. With this technique your new community users may turn into loyal customers.

NFT Giveaways

NFT Giveaways are another great way of onboarding new users to your community. You can run an NFT Giveaway with Skyrush and add some social media tasks such as “Follow on Twitter”, “Join Discord”, “Subscribe to Newsletter” and many more.

This will drastically increase your social media engagement on your social profiles and it will build up your followers list.

Launch Social Media Contests

Launching your social media contest was never any easier, thanks to Skyrush, you will be able to create a contest on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord and start gathering new followers to your company’s profile.

Choose among many type of contests such as creating a Random Draw, Giveaway, Competition Giveaway and many more.

Fraud Detection

With Skyrush’s advanced fraud detection system, you can rest assure that the users who participated in your contest, giveaway, competition or else, are valid and eligible for the reward.

Skyrush prevents duplicate entries, fraudulent activities and attempts to trick the giveaway organizer and increase their chances of winning the reward. Thanks to its Fraud Detection system, giveaway’s organizer can save both time and money and get quality followers for his company’s social media accounts.

Twitter Giveaway

One of the most used giveaways are the Twitter giveaways where you can build a one click Twitter giveaway on Skyrush and directly share it on your Twitter profile where your followers can start completing your social media tasks and compete for the prize.

At the end of the giveaway, you will be able to set a Random Draw winner without worrying about transparency and fairness since Skyrush’s Twitter giveaway tools are doing all of that for you.

Facebook Giveaway

The simplest strategy to increase your social media following and create leads is to host a Facebook giveaway. Giveaways on Facebook can increase sales for your company and help you spread brand awareness like wildfire.

Increasing brand exposure, engagement, lead generation, user-generated content, followers, driving more visitors to your website, and promoting a specific product are just a few of the several objectives for Facebook giveaways.

Instagram Giveaway

Instagram contests foster connections with your current followers while gaining a ton of new views and followers. They’re a tried-and-true method of increasing interaction that Instagram’s algorithm can’t help but notice.

Giveaways on Instagram can assist you in achieving a number of various benefits for your company’s profile. The following are the main justifications for thinking about incorporating Instagram contests into your strategy:

  • Gain more followers
  • Keep your audience interested
  • Gather user-generated material.

Discord Giveaway

Discord is a very popular tool for socializing in general, as well as for online communities, digital enterprises, and creators.

The time where Discord was considered to be a gamers’ favorite communication platform is gone. Over time, more and more companies are switching to Discord and this can be ideal time to gain new customers by launching a Discord Giveaway for your business.

Key Features

  • Increased security and safety for your giveaways thanks to our Web3 services;
  • Improve your following list with quality followers;
  • Transparency;
  • Increase sales;
  • Choose between a variety of contests;
  • Cheap, effective and user friendly platform.


Skyrush doesn’t have cons since it has all the features available and for free, besides that, Skyrush’s team is constantly working on improving the user experience and adding new social media contest tools for project owners to easily launch their giveaways.

We also offer a custom giveaways, if you have some requirements you can freely reach our team on and our dev team will be more than happy to implement your custom requirements for your next giveaway.

2. SweepWidget

Sweep Widget social media contest application

SweepWidget is an adaptable social media contest platform that enables users to easily manage social media competitions, giveaways, and sweepstakes.

Of all the social media contest tools available on the market, SweepWidget provides the most templated entry ways (90+ and counting).

SweepWidget allows you to construct social media campaigns for every platform, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. Yes, including Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Within SweepWidgets’ one-page social media contest builder, you can combine and match entry ways from 90+ entry methods and 30+ social media channels.

You can make a giveaway in under a minute without sacrificing any functionality, so don’t screw around.

Although SweepWidget is really simple to use, it has some hidden features, such as a Stripe integration to allow you to take payments for your contests. This creates possibilities for charitable raffles, donations, ticketing, and product sales.

Four of the products on our list, including SweepWidget, have verified social media logins for increased security and conversion rates.

You can choose which nation your contest will appear in for targeted giveaway promotions. If any of your participants do not speak English, you may select one of the 103 available languages as your preferred language.

The leaderboard, where users compete for the highest score via various entry methods, is one of my favorite SweepWidget features. The leaderboard from SweepWidgets has been shown to boost entries by up to 400%! To encourage users to aim for runner-up positions and boost engagement, you can introduce award tiers.

Last but not least, SweepWidget is the ideal partner for your preferred marketing apps because to its 25+ API interfaces and 20+ CRM integrations.


The objective of SweepWidget, a specialized product, is to launch your giveaway as soon as possible. No tool, though, is ideal for everybody. The holes in SweepWidget are listed below:

  • No hosted photo or video competitions
  • No contests for voting.

SweepWidget lacks sophisticated capabilities like audience segmentation, A/B testing, and post-entry activities because of the reasonable price range.

Plans at SweepWidget start at $29 per month and go up to $199 per month.

3. Gleam

Gleam social media contest tools

Gleam is a collection of  social media contest tools that includes software to expand and engage your consumer base through freebies and contests.

Whether you want to conduct a basic social media giveaway or a more complex hosted picture contest to gather user-generated content, Gleam has solutions for all types of users (UGC).

You can import actions from outside sources into the business plan. To handle the remainder of the campaign, you can conduct native social media competitions and then import all the comments, tagging, likes, etc. into Gleam.

Then, on the premium plan, you have total control over team administration, including user access restrictions.

Finally, Gleam is compatible with all of your favorite apps thanks to its more than 100 integrations.


Gleam is a strong, versatile social media contest application, yet it is not without flaws. Let’s examine the possibilities.

  • The dashboard is functional and allows you to view everything at a glance, although it can occasionally be too cluttered and overwhelming.
  • No competition leaderboard exists.
  • Nothing after entering.
  • With so many options, pricing might be a little perplexing.

Gleam has a free account along with a variety of ala carte options priced from $10 per month (paid annually) and $399 per month.


Giveaways on social media should not be disregarded since, when done right, they can do wonders for your company. Giveaways on social media are still worthwhile, without a doubt. That is because they increase visibility and generate buzz around a product or brand. Not to mention that they are quick and easy solutions to accomplish your objectives.

So, while establishing your next contest, follow the instructions above and test out our giveaway suggestions. Additionally, you may want to make sure that you use the appropriate social media tools to organize, share, and monitor your giveaway postings.