10 Benefits of Facebook Giveaway Campaigns

One of the most effective paid social strategies that a company can implement to increase brand awareness, interact with customers, drive traffic to their website, and generate leads that can be converted into sales is to run a giveaway campaign on Facebook.

Customers appreciate anything that is free, and they are willing to share their information in exchange for the chance to win a prize, regardless of the size of your company or the value of the prize you are offering. When planned properly, giveaways have the potential to be very successful and can bring their participants a variety of benefits.

1. Grow your network



It is a quick and easy way to build your social media following to run a giveaway campaign on Facebook and promote it with Facebook ads. This is especially true if the giveaway requires the consumer to like your Facebook page in order to be entered. After that, the competitors will be connected to your page and subscribed to upcoming updates at the very least until the winner is revealed.


2. Generate leads


Giveaways make it possible to collect useful information from customers, the majority of which might be qualified leads that eventually result in sales or even customers for life. You are now in possession of useful information about prospective clients or customers, which you can use and exploit in your subsequent marketing strategy.


3. Build audience or email list



The individuals whose contact information you obtain can be considered a separate audience that you can directly target, particularly if they entered the contest with the intention of winning one of your products rather than a prize that is unrelated to your business. These emails can be added to your email marketing campaigns in order to keep customers informed about your products and services. This alone has the potential to significantly increase the size of your audience. Directly targeting the leads is just the beginning of the game! You can also construct lookalike audiences based on the emails that you have received, and then extend this audience even further based on the data that they provide.

4. Save time AND money

Giveaways are uncomplicated and uncomplicated to plan and execute, and they do not require a lot of time to do either. In addition to having a rapid beginning, they also have a low initial financial investment. How’s that for a win-win situation? The outcomes typically involve a significant amount of engagement in a relatively short period of time. This is because there is a cutoff time for entries, which gives the customer the impression that time is of the essence. Because of this, your overall costs and your cost per lead will be lower, despite the substantial amount of traction that you can anticipate receiving.

5. Boost brand exposure



Giveaways and other forms of promotional contest generate positive buzz and spread the word about your company. Sharing the giveaway will give the company the opportunity to reach out to a completely new audience as well as a great number of new markets, which is fantastic for expanding your reach. Even if someone is not interested in winning the particular prize, they will become more familiar with your brand name, and they may be interested in other products or services that you provide in the future.

6. Drive site traffic

By directing people to your company’s website in order to enter the giveaway, you can significantly increase the amount of traffic that your site receives. After entering the giveaway, it is likely that the participants will continue to look around the website to see what else the company has to offer and find out more information about other products and services that may also be of interest to them. It is common for people who visit websites to decide that they do not want to wait until the winner is announced or until they see something else that they require before making a purchase or signing up for a service at that time.

7. Increase engagement



If you require participants to like a post, comment on the post, tag a friend, or share the post, you can generate a significant increase in engagement. However, this will depend on the rules of your giveaway. Giveaways are another type of content that are highly engaging and encourage viewers to start conversations and comment on the post. The end goal of giveaways is to ultimately create and engage an online community. Giveaways are also an excellent source of entertainment while informing people about the products offered by the company.

8. Gain a new customer

You can expand your customer base by holding a giveaway that is open to everyone, not just your existing customers, rather than one that is exclusive to them. New customers have the potential to become loyal clients who will bring incredible financial value to your company if they are cared for properly. Instead of a generic advertisement that is immediately trying to sell them something, giveaways are an effective way to grab the attention of new consumers quickly and easily. In addition to this, it is a simple method for encouraging site visitors to read more about your organization and the additional services and products that you provide.

9. New product exposure



The introduction of a new product can be greatly aided by the use of giveaways. Companies don’t have to take the chance of releasing a brand new product all on their own because there is a simple way for them to determine how excited consumers are about the product, as well as who among those consumers they can target with additional advertising. The level of engagement determines whether or not companies are able to make decisions or make improvements to the product based on the feedback the product is receiving.

10. Strengthen relationship between company and customer

Free stuff is given away to customers as a way to foster a positive relationship between the company and the customer while also rewarding customers for engaging with the company. The possibility of winning generates anticipation and an upbeat attitude toward the company, which can then translate into an improved outlook on the business as a whole.