Coin Spot #2: Constellation Network

In our second Coin Spot article, we had an interesting call with the Constellation Network team where we discovered more insights about the project, its’ team and main features. Find out their answers below.

1. Can you present your company in a few sentences?

Our company operates on a DAG blockchain DAG. Layer 0 chain using DAG technology which allows multiple consensus, less fees, excellent security and scalability. Our Testnet was in 2019 and Mainnet in 2022 where it is also possible to build smart contracts on top of it.

2. In terms of security, can it not be problematic?

We are currently working with with Security Department and unfortunately we cannot discover much about this because it’s private.

3. How do you see your company within 5 years?

We need network effects between the distribution, and ecosystem. We are looking to empower as many Web3 participants as we can.

Our focus is on interoperability fixer for Hashgraph and Ethereum. We don’t want to compete with them, we want to make chains interoperable.

  • Proof-of-Reputation Protocol, means freehold stake to represent a node, if you put more tokens you don’t have the highest uptime;
  • Richest doesn’t get revenues the most;
  • 1 transaction per snapshot for free, 1 DAG token will buy 100 million transactions, even if token

3. Where you are going to be in 5 years?

We will be the platform of choice for Web3 projects, with data intensive projects, cost per transaction that will make unlimited possibilities for supply chain. We believe that a transfer of any asset fixed by mass interoperability network.

4. How do you incentivize node operators?

  • Soft node staking program, where rewards are currently provided to stakers, in order to support the community, we wanted to test more soft node to support our token with a pool of rewards;
  • No rewards on Day 1, soft node staking program will diminish while main nodes stakers will increase;
  • We currently have 7 or 8 apps actually, Alchemy, Double Dice, Geo Jam, CBD, Jennyco and Fan Token.

5. What is your favorite feature about your project?

The Hypergraph because it offers infinite scalability, it is simple to deploy, cost effective and impenetrable.

6. Do you have any partners?

Yes, we have dozens of top partners, some of them are Kucoin, Helium, Amazon Web Services, Synapse Network, Chainlink, QUANT and many more. We are constantly trying to get new partners for our project.