Coin Spot #1: MBD Financials

In this article you will discover an interesting project called MBD Financials, we had a quick call with their Co-Founder and he was delighted to give an insights about his company and the team. Here is what he answered:

1. Can you present your company in a few sentences?

Our company is in the Real Estate Metaverse district with a huge focus on financial education and teaching what Web3 really is. We want to do all the heavy lifting for organizations where users will be able to invest and use various DeFi services.

We are from Bengladesh and we believe that developing countries will need web3 sooner or later.

2. How many people in the team?

Our company counts two people at the moment, but we will onboard more as the projects starts to evolve over time.

3. What does MBD Financials mean?

MBD Financials stands for “Metaverse Business District” and through an entirely new digital cross-chain metaverse experience, the Metaverse Business District (MBD) project aspires to provide and empower every individual with the option to own and govern their financial freedom.

4. What are some interesting upcoming events for your project?

  • Launching NFT marketplace in 60 days
  • Numerous partnerships working on
  • DeFi platform
  • Real Estate Metaverse, bring organizations there to have offices in the Metaverse that are immersive

5. Web3 is full of subjects, how do you manage that?

We are at the moment focusing on the NFT marketplace, currently raising capital for our project. We plan to support smart-contracts, Staking, DeFi, NFTs, fast transactions, Proof-of-Stake high scalability, and the gaming Metaverse.

6. Did you already raise funds for your project?

We started a month ago and we are currently self-funded, initially, we raised funds from other businesses, advisors and Vice President from SAP.

7. Will Metaverse will be for business only?

Our project will serve as a business and social platform where the MBD project will give each individual the chance to succeed in a decentralized world with easy access to egalitarian services, as well as communities, enterprises, and philanthropic organizations.

8. How do you see your project in 5 years?

I see us as the Amazon of the Metavserses where we bring mass adoption and new users to our community.

9. Do you have a token?

Yes, our token name is MBD and it’s currently listed on CoinMarketCap and Bitrue. We are building on the Binance Smart Chain’s blockchain and since the launch of the token there is a good amount of traction in the NFT marketplace.

10. Do you have any partners?

Yes, we work with top companies such as Piece City World and Flowpods and our goal is to partner with more top companies so we can spread our project all over USA users.

11. How many users do you have?

We just launched our project so we don’t have a built community yet, our next phase is to start some campaigns for attracting users to our community.