What is the Difference Between an Apple Airdrop and a Crypto Airdrop?

If you search for “airdrop,” you’ll most likely come across Apple’s popular app. However, if you’re looking for crypto airdrops, you should look up Skyrush airdrops.

Who coined the phrase, and what are the differences and similarities between the two?

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently openly endorsed Bitcoin. We thought it was about time to compare the two airdrops.

The Apple AirDrop

The spelling is the first noticeable difference. Apple spells it with a capital D, “AirDrop.”

Many projects promoting crypto airdrops have adopted this spelling style as well. A small example of how powerful the Apple brand is.

We prefer the traditional spelling: Airdrop.

The AirDrop app allows you to transfer files between iPhones, iPads, and Macs quickly and easily. It broadcasts, discovers, and negotiates connections via Bluetooth LE, and transfers data via point-to-point Wi-Fi. This makes it quick, energy-efficient, and secure!

You can AirDrop photos, videos, contacts, Passbook passes, Voice Memos, Map locations, and anything else that appears on a Share sheet when using Apple’s AirDrop between iPhones and iPads.

Crypto Airdrops

A crypto airdrop is a “giveaway” of tokens or coins to raise brand awareness and user acquisition for blockchain startups. After we launched the world’s first airdrop platform in late 2017, the concept really took off.

Airdrops are now a standard part of most ICO, dApp, and established coin marketing strategies.

We have recently been following Tron and BitTorrent and their monthly ongoing airdrop, as well as several trading competitions for the BTT token. It demonstrates that airdrops are still a viable strategy for exposing your brand name to a large audience.

Apple AirDrop vs Crypto Airdrop

Both airdrops have something in common. You receive something via “air” on your device.

While an Apple AirDrop transfers a file to your iPhone or iPad, a crypto airdrop deposits a token into your Ethereum wallet.

We prefer the second one at Skyrush. Nothing makes us happier than receiving new tokens in our wallet and sharing the latest airdrops with our users.