Top 5 YouTube Giveaway Ideas

One of the best ways to attract new YouTube viewers, keep them engaged, and grow your community from 0 to 1,000 to 100,000 to 1 Million is to hold a YouTube Giveaway contest.

And in this article, we’ll share the best giveaway contest ideas for growing your YouTube channel.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The giveaway contest must be free to enter
  • Have clear rules stating when an entry is invalid and disclosing any sponsorship
  • Prizes must be awarded in accordance with your rules, and your contest must be run in accordance with them
  • Make sure to include a link to a privacy policy that explains how you intend to use the data you collect
  • You must state that YouTube is not sponsoring or liable for your giveaway.

Top 5 YouTube Giveaway Ideas

If you’re ready, let’s get started with our top 5 YouTube giveaway contest ideas.

1. Subscribe to Win Contest

Subscribe to Win is the most simple giveaway that any YouTuber can launch. In this contest, you ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel (and enable bell notifications) in order to enter the contest and win a prize.

In this contest, you choose a winner at random from among the subscribers who entered during the contest’s duration.

Because it is the simplest giveaway contest, it is very popular among new YouTubers. And the majority of these contests are bogus, never revealing the winners or how they were chosen, resulting in lower engagement and the loss of subscribers.

To keep things transparent, make sure you have a proper structure in place for selecting a winner. The best way to gain your new subscribers’ trust is to announce the winner during the live session. You’ll be able to build credibility for your contest this way.

2. Co-Host a Live Session

If you already have a large YouTube audience, people would love to be featured on your channel in one or more ways that can help them gain industry recognition.

You can ask your viewers a question in this contest, and the user with the best answers will get a chance to co-host the next episode, interview an industry leader, or do anything else related to your channel’s content.

3. Suggest a Topic Contest

The best source of content ideas for any content creator is their audience, but sometimes you need to offer something to encourage your viewers to share their best ideas and what they would prefer to watch next on your channel.

So, in this contest, at the end of your videos or during live sessions, you ask your viewers to share what topic they would like you to cover in the next video or to suggest some new content ideas. Then, in the following video, you can select the best ideas and announce the winners.

4. Recommend/Suggest the Next Guest

If you have a talk show on your YouTube channel, this is the best way to engage your viewers and get them to listen to your show.

You can organize this contest in a variety of ways. Here are two options that I can think of right now:

  • Vote for the next guest – Choose a few names that you believe your viewers would enjoy watching on your channel and ask them to vote for the person they want to see next. This strategy can be useful if you have been trying to get a well-known personality to appear on your show but have been unsuccessful. You can show them how much your audience wants to see him on your channel by using statistics.
  • Mention the next guest – In this strategy, you can suggest a topic for your next video and ask your viewers to recommend someone with whom you should speak.

It is not necessary to have the recommended guest on your show with this contest idea, but you should try to keep your audience updated on where you are in the conversation with them.

5. Activity During Live Sessions

In this contest, you can ask your viewers to participate in some activities during live sessions in order to enter the contest, and then announce the winner(s) at the end of the session.

The following are some activities that you can include during YouTube Live:

  • In the chatbox, ask relevant questions
  • Join the community by subscribing to your Newsletter
  • Other social media channels to follow
  • Register for your course (free or paid)

The best part about this contest is that it keeps viewers engaged throughout the live session and keeps them staying longer so they can find out who the winners are.

And the more your viewers interact with your live videos, the higher your videos are recommended by YouTube to the majority of potential viewers.

Final Thoughts

A YouTube giveaway is an excellent way to expand your channel and gain more subscribers, but it does not have to be that way.

You should hold contests to engage your current audience and learn what they expect from you in a more exciting way than just comments. If you only focus on gaining new subscribers rather than adding value to your existing ones, you may gain new subscribers but lose old ones.

Remember that as a content creator, your audience’s engagement is more important than the number of subscribers you have. So, in the future, choose the giveaway contest idea wisely.