Top 5 Ways to Earn Free Crypto Coins in 2022

We are all aware of the value of cryptocurrencies, but it gets much more intriguing if you can obtain free cryptocurrency. As a result, we are going to inform you about a foolproof method for earning cryptocurrency without having to invest any money.

Here are the top 5 ways to earn free crypto coins in 2022:

1. Entering Airdrops to Get Free Crypto Coins

Entering Airdrops to get free crypto coins

Since there are a lot of new projects, a lot of them are launching an airdrop campaign in order to promote their project and with Skyrush’s Airdrop Tasker, you can earn free cryptocoins while completing some easy social media tasks such as Follow on Twitter, Retweet, Join Telegram, Discord, Subscribe to YouTube and similar tasks.

Besides that, there are even crypto quizzes where you can earn free crypto coins while you learn, and is as easy to understand as it sounds.

2. Participating in NFT Giveaways

The second most popular way to earn free crypto tokens is the NFT giveaways that can be found on social media channels.

NFT Giveaways are mainly promoted on Twitter, then Discord, and Telegram. You can easily find them, all you have to do is put the “NFT Giveaway” keyword in Twitter’s search field and start your NFT journey without investing a penny.

3. Brave Rewards

The simplest way of getting free cryptocurrency is by far using Brave Rewards. Just open the Brave web browser and activate Brave Rewards.

Without completing anything specific, like a course or game, you can start using rewards to add in free Basic Attention Tokens (BATs).

Initially, you could only tip websites; Brave started it to help the artists we adore. Now, though, you can redeem those points by authenticating your Brave wallet.

Notably, you keep 70% of your advertising revenue. Even while the net sum may not seem like much, it increases the benefits of using Brave, a great browser that respects your privacy.

This is not targeted advertising either. Ads influenced by your surfing history won’t appear to you. Additionally, you can alter the frequency from the default of five adverts each hour.

4. Presearch

Presearch surfaced through a private search. It is a blockchain-based search engine that is run by the community. This basically means that it is controlled by the nodes that Presearch users operate.

Presearch is simple to use; all you need to do is go to the site and type in your search keyword.

5. Learn and Earn with Coinbase

Numerous cryptocurrencies exist and at Coinbase, you can earn free crypto coins while learning about some of these cryptocurrency projects.

The only downside is that you may not be in a supported country and enjoy this cool way to earn free cryptocurrency. Therefore, this initiative is only available in a few nations, while Coinbase is working to expand it.

Additional Way to Earn Free Crypto Coins

Besides the top 5 ways to earn free crypto coins, we will add an extra way in order to motivate crypto influencers to benefit from their audience.

Additional way to earn free crypto coins

The other way is for influential people who have solid social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, and similar social media platforms to use referral links from popular exchanges, staking, landing, and liquidity mining protocols.

So whenever someone registers through your link and trades, you will get a small portion of the transaction fee, or when someone stakes, lends, borrows, or provides liquidity, you will also earn a small portion of crypto.

This is not much, but in some cases, it can bring you a lot of small cryptos that can make you a fortune, who knows, maybe you will sign up a top trader and get huge fees on his trades and this can turn into a monthly revenue for you.

Are Those Free Cryptocurrency Earning Methods Worth it?

Yes, they are. If you have some free time, you can simply complete social media tasks which can be done within 2-3 minutes or less, and win some free cryptocurrency rewards, sometimes projects run random draws where the rewards for 1st price are between 50$ to 5,000$.

But in most cases, it depends on your knowledge about crypto, if you are able to recognize a solid project and hold the airdropped tokens, it may be worth it in the short or long run.

How Much Can I Earn from Those Methods?

It really depends on your free time and the type of earning methods you use. For example, if we take Uniswap airdrop into consideration, at some point, a single trade on Uniswap was rewarded with 400 UNI tokens and at some point, a UNI token was trading at 40$ which made the airdrop worth 12,000$ and even more, making it one of the biggest crypto airdrops.

How much can I earn from those methods?

The other example is penny airdrop tokens, one user told us his personal airdrop experience, he participated in one airdrop and he won around 400 tokens which were worth below a dollar back then. He totally forgot them and after 3 years when he was exploring his wallet address on the EGG.FI’s Explorer, he found out that his tokens were worth around 110$, and three months before that, the token reached an all-time high and his airdropped tokens were worth 200$.


So it’s very hard to know if the tokens or NFTs will be worth it or not, but the most important thing is to be consistent and not to give up but to constantly check for the latest airdrops on Skyrush and complete them to get free crypto coins, your future self may be happy and wealthy.