Top 5 Binance Smart Chain Airdrops

Airdrops are one of the best way to generate passive income without any real investment. By being an airdrop hunter, you have a chance to create a solid cryptocurrency portfolio that can bring your thousands of dollars for trading your free time by completing some easy social media tasks.

Current Top 5 Airdrops on BSC Network

That’s why in this article, we gonna talk about the current top 5 airdrops on the Binance Smart Chain network, begin your airdrop hunter journey now!

1. Pikaster

Pikaster is a card battle game featuring Pikaster (NFT), Metaland’s first Game-Fi project based on KCC, Polygon, and BSC Chain. Metaland’s goal is to create a variety of scenarios, such as various games, social, entertainment, and sports, to allow players to participate in and manage the ecology together while earning significant financial rewards and gaining new experiences.

About the airdrop

The Pikaster Carnival July Airdrop prize pool is worth 20,000 $MLS tokens to Kucoin Community Members + 5 Free Pikaster NFTs for Signing up, as well as a Bonus Pool worth 3,600,000 $USDT for new players. The Pikaster Carnival is in full swing in July.

2. AniFi World

AniFi World is a free-to-play, earn-to-play decentralized NFT Card GameFi in which anyone can earn tokens by playing the game, collecting NFT items, and training characters to sell on the marketplace.

Each character (Hero) is represented by a card in the game, which is used to fight monsters, level up, collect items, and upgrade their abilities. Players can challenge higher-level stages and earn more as their heroes grow stronger.

About the airdrop

The AniFi World Airdrop is worth over 100,000 $ANI tokens and a limited number of NFTs to the top 1,000 referrers.

3. Gitshock Finance

Gitshock Finance is a Cosmos-based blockchain project that aims to make it easier and faster for people to create new smart contracts, tokens, and private blockchains on multiple EVM-based chains. This project offers several features that allow crypto developers to create their own smart contracts using drag-and-drop tools and without any coding knowledge.

The services provided by Gitshock Finance will enable users to quickly create their own projects without the need for manual coding. Gitshock Edgeware, Gitshock Bridge, and Gitshock Wallet will be the primary services we provide. These services will require developers/users to pay fees in our tokens ($GTFX).

About the airdrop

To commemorate the partnership with @CCTIP com, the Gitshock Finance Airdrop prize pool is worth 3,000 $GTFX tokens for 777 lucky winners.

4. SappChat

SappChat (APP) is the world’s first Decentralized Messaging App with integrated Decentralized Banking, powered by Blockchain and AI technology. Its mission is to connect people all over the world in personal, financial, private, and secure ways.

Sappchat provides an all-inclusive, secure, and private ecosystem for mobile communications and operations. To ensure users’ complete privacy, Sappchat fully implements Blockchain technology and its bullet-proof encryption.

As a result, the SappChat app was created to be a game changer in the use of mobile messaging and financial operations for users. Sappchat aspires to give back control over personal data and privacy to every individual on the planet.

About the airdrop

The SappChat Airdrop is worth $5 in $APP tokens per participant and $10 in $APP tokens for the top 50 referrers.

5. Talaxeum

Talaxeum is a blockchain-based currency and Talaverse platform that focuses on green projects. Bringing together those interested in carbon offsets and those working in the field of agroforestry to fund their projects using decentralized tokens.

Talaxeum prioritizes user convenience when it comes to offsetting their carbon footprints by supporting various green projects and/or purchasing carbon credit tokens.

About the airdrop

The prize pool for the Talaxeum Airdrop challenge is $25,000 in $TALAX tokens + $2,100 in $USDC (BEP-20 Stable Coin) + 3 NFTs ($ 1.500).