How to Stay Alerted of Upcoming Crypto Airdrops?

Being involved in the Bitcoin industry at this moment is thrilling. It’s hard to conceive that anyone could become bored exploring the crypto universe given the variety of experiences available in the world of blockchain, from the drama brought on by market volatility to the potential new initiatives that pop up nearly every day.

Finding a new coin or token that represents a blockchain use case or a new project that has perhaps never been tried before is one of the most exciting elements of cryptocurrencies. The projects that support these currencies need marketing plans to publicize their currency or token, just like businesses do.

This makes it easier to initiate folks who are unfamiliar with the project. Given that there are typically thousands of active cryptocurrencies at any given time, it is not an easy task (currently over 6,700 and counting).

How to Get Alerted of Upcoming Crypto Airdrops

How to Get Alerted of upcoming crypto Airdrops

There are many ways you can stay alerted of upcoming crypto airdrops starting to appear and we will list the best ways for you to be able to catch them on time and complete them.

1. Join Skyrush’s Newsletter

Once you join Skyrush’s Newsletter, you will be able to be up to date with the most recent airdrops and be notified through email once a new airdrop appears. Skyrush is also sending a weekly email for the top 5 airdrops that you can explore and participate in.

2. Follow Skyrush on Social Media Channels

The second way is to follow our social media channels where we post about upcoming crypto airdrops on weekly basis. Besides that, you will be able to track the comments from other airdrop hunters that completed the airdrop and are sharing some positive info about the project.

You can also ask in the comment section if the airdrop is from a solid crypto project and if it’s worth completing. Besides that, you can even allow notifications on our social media channels and get a notification whenever we post about a new airdrop on our social media channels.

3. Set up Google Alerts

The third option and the last one is the Google Alerts, you can simply put some alerts on the following keywords and start receiving an email from Google once there is a new airdrop live.

Some of the most useful keywords are:

  • airdrop
  • airdrops
  • crypto airdrop
  • cryptocurrency airdrop

You will be amazed how many projects are launching new airdrops every day, participating in all of them will build up your portfolio if you are lucky and sell the tokens at the right time.

Staying Vigilant With Airdrops

Staying Vigilant With upcoming Airdrops

Because there are so many active initiatives in the cryptocurrency area, which is still in its early phases of development, numerous people and organizations are vying to dominate Web 3.0 application market. In the midst of all the enthusiasm, there are a lot of dishonest people who will be preying on people who are attempting to invest and learn lawfully in this challenging sector.

Interested parties who want to take part in airdrops should take all required security procedures to protect their private information. Requests for wallet private keys, cash payments in advance (through fiat, credit card, or cryptocurrency), personal data like national ID numbers (such as social security or passport numbers), home addresses, bank account numbers, etc. are all serious red flags for airdrops.

People should be cautious while using the same wallet for all of their blockchain transactions, including airdrops. The majority of blockchains keep track of transactions on a public ledger, giving users complete visibility into previous transactions and wallet account balances. If the account balances of a specific wallet are known, people might be targeted more aggressively.

There is a lot of growth and change in store for the blockchain industry, making this a really exciting time to be in the cryptocurrency space. However, there are still numerous areas of the market that are open to attack from new entrants in the cryptocurrency arena, so participants should be extremely cautious about disclosing their financial and personal information.

Fortunately, Skyrush operates as an additional layer of supervision while individuals complete cryptocurrency airdrops on the blockchain by offering a secure and easy user experience.


Now that we explain how you can set alerts and be alerted of new upcoming crypto airdrops, it’s impossible to keep tracking upcoming crypto airdrops without any help and alerts, that’s why it is highly recommended that you start using some of the mentioned methods for receiving crypto airdrop alerts and social media notifications.

Without a doubt, cryptocurrency airdrops can be a source of free crypto tokens if you start to take them seriously and regularly on a daily basis, they can even bring you a fortune if you start to explore and filter airdrops into worth taking and not worth taking categories.