Is it Worth Being an Airdrop Hunter?

If you’re reading this, you probably have some basics on Bitcoin, alternative coins, tokens, NFTs, and maybe even Airdrops. But did you know that becoming an Airdrop Hunter can be a good source of additional income?

In this article, we’ll take a “helicopter” view of Airdrops hunting, how much money you can actually earn, what you need to do, and what challenges await you.

What is an Airdrop?

First of all, for those who are not yet developed, Airdrops are free crypto tokens sometimes released by an ICO or blockchain project as part of their promotion.

Some Airdrops are simply deposited into your Ethereum Wallet without you having to do anything. Other Airdrops ask Airdrops Hunters to perform some actions, such as following the project on Telegram or other social networks, and filling out the KYC form before receiving your free tokens.

Why do Projects Give Tokens for Free?

I can already hear you say that when something is free, you pay with your data. Correct! It’s great to know that, as well as making sure you don’t log into scams and use the unique email address made specifically for Airdrops.

Once you avoid the scams, you can relax a bit. Startup and blockchain projects are not usually tech giants and marketing molochs. They don’t bundle gigabytes of your information together to sell to marketers and businesses, it’s not their business model. What interests them is the user base of their tokens, their Telegram subscribers and their social media activity.

Some reasons why startups choose to give you “free tokens”:

  • They distribute tokens to more users and wallets than during their ICO and improve their statistics in the eyes of potential investors.
  • It gives credibility, visibility and more value to the tokens used and exchanged.
  • They gain followers on Telegram and social networks.
  • They hope you will fall in love with their project and tell your friends about it.

Is it Really Profitable?

The value of tokens varies widely, ranging from a few dollars per Airdrop to a few real gems worth $ 250 and more for a few minutes of your time. The Airdrop can be a great source of additional income for some, $ 2000 per year and for others $ 500 per month . Not huge, but pretty good for something you get for free.

Success comes down to two things:

1. Find the right Airdrop.
2. Obtain a maximum of promising Airdrops tokens in a minimum of time.

The challenges these days lie in the fact that some Airdrops are scams and their tokens never reach the exchange platforms. It takes time to go through social groups and alerts, analyze projects for scams, register your KYC or social media accounts and, finally, take all the actions necessary to get the Airdrops. It can be a lot of work and the more time you spend on it, the less time you save.

Also, after getting the correct Airdrop, you should always keep track of the progress of the project and know when it will go live. Prices are usually highest when the tokens reach the exchange platforms, which is why many Airdrops Hunters sell at this time, so they don’t have to keep the tokens. But sometimes the project is so good that it has the potential to grow beyond the initial hype and allow you to make your tokens more profitable.

All in all, it’s a lot of stuff to follow, which is why it’s a pretty good job. A real job and also the reason why we have found ways to make the whole process easier.

10 Airdrops per Minute?

We love beautifully designed and functional tools, so we designed one especially for Airdrops Hunters. The Skyrush portal discovers, filters and lists high quality Airdrops in an intuitive and user-friendly application.

We screen all ICOs that need to answer 123 in-depth questions and perform thorough due diligence for you. We filter Airdrops with 30 questions and make it easy to sign up for these as well. When you explore Airdrops on Skyrush, you see the actions you can perform and the token rewards for each of these actions. You can then perform each action manually or automate it on our portal by filling out our KYC form and linking your social media. Once everything is connected, you just click on the desired action and Skyrush will do it for you, using the information you provided.

Our goal is for you to register for 10 different Airdrops in less than a minute. Why? Because the usual process is a mess and it sounds cool! We’re going to make a big announcement when we hit that target.

In the meantime, register and test Skyrush. We look forward to your comments.