Difference Between a Classic Airdrop and a Web3 Airdrop

Web3 airdrop is not a new concept. The idea of ​​a new internet using blockchain spawns what is known as “Web3”. One of the core concepts of Web3 is the decentralization aspect. Web3 apps, called dApps or decentralized applications, provide governance to users.

DApp does this by issuing governance tokens. So how does this concept relate to airdrops? This article will explain to you what is Web3 and what Web3 airdrop means, and where to find them in order to claim them.

What are Classic Airdrops

What are Classic Airdrops

Classic airdrop is when a user joins, interacts with, and receives cryptocurrencies to use in a decentralized app. This may mean logging in to the dApp, sharing content, or completing other tasks.

In most cases, standard airdrop rewards users in lesser-known currencies or new currencies that are just getting started. dApps add value by offering cryptocurrencies, tokens, or NFTs simply by using a service or performing a task.

As mentioned earlier, standard airdrops are typically used in the form of promotional strategies to get more attention to a particular dApp, DAO, or NFT project.

But before you start learning about Web3, you must know what is Web1 and Web2.

What are Web1 and Web2

What are Web1 and Web2

Web1 is the first rendering of the internet. Previously, the Internet was used as “read-only.” This means that you can visit the website and read the content published there. Web1 ranges from 1991 to 2004. In 2004, Web 2 arrived.

With Web2, businesses have begun collecting data from you. Social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter collect data and modify services to suit their content needs. So what someone sees on Facebook doesn’t mean that others are watching. Because these companies collect different data, they display different ads for each user.

Why Is Web3 Better than Web1 and Web2

Some consider this practice to be shaded and harmful to the user. Because these companies sell your data to other companies. Web3 aims to eliminate this through blockchain technology and decentralized tools. Web3 owns the data (those posted online). In addition, Web3 promises to keep you anonymous on the Internet. Many say Web3 has emerged in response to social media companies that collect and sell data for profit. It’s still far from the fully decentralized Web, but we can see the rise of DAO.

What are Web3 Airdrops

A web3 Airdrop is a form of cryptocurrency, tokens, and NFT distribution to owners. This is all related to the blockchain, as the Web3 dApp runs over the blockchain. Projects, DAOs, and cryptocurrencies reward participants for the use or purchase of digital assets. These are forms of advertising strategies that encourage users to use the service.

This is more of an advanced airdrop distribution since its uses blockchain technology to escrow the tokens, NFTs, etc., and guarantees that only eligible participants can claim their airdrop rewards.

How To Receive Web3 Airdrops?

You must be eligible for AirDrop to receive Web3 AirDrop. You may be eligible for airdrop without knowing it. Therefore, you need to add your wallet address to your Web3dApp to know if you are eligible.

When you add your wallet address on the mentioned dApps, then you will be able to see if you have an unclaimed airdrop reward. Web3 airdrops can be tricky, you can even earn a Web3 airdrop reward without even knowing. Many people are getting into airdrop hunting because of the potential of earning Web3 rewards.

Airdrop hunting essentially means actively chasing and exploring worthy airdrops in order to receive free rewards. The potential of Web3 airdrops and how businesses and brands can leverage airdrops to deliver value to their users are not yet fully understood. Remember that they are a form of rewarding users.

Where to Find Web3 Airdrops?

Where to Find Web3 Airdrops?

One of the best ways to search for Web3 airdrops is to sign up on Skyrush’s latest airdrops page where you can explore dozens of Weg3 airdrops where you can participate and reserve your Web3 airdrop rewards.

Skyrush offers a sophisticated social media API that makes the airdrop process much faster and with few clicks only without leaving the airdrop page.

Skyrush also uses blockchain technology in order to escrow Web3 airdrop rewards and only enables eligible users to be able to claim their rewards.

What are DAOs

DAOs are decentralized self-reliant organizations. They`re basically businesses and not using CEOs and no presidents. DAOs are run with the aid of using holders of governance tokens. Those with the maximum tokens get to vote on how the DAO runs. As DAOs get bigger, they’ll divide into SubDAOs. We have an entire manual on SubDAOs for you to test out.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know that there is a huge difference between a classic airdrop and a web3 airdrop, it is time to switch to Web3 airdrops where you can rest assured that your won tokens can be claimed by you directly without worrying if the project will start with the airdrop token distribution or not.